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After a fairly recent career change, in which my office environment took a turn to the more casual, I find myself wearing a shirt without a tie (both with and without a sportjacket) much more often. And, to be honest, my shirts are driving me a bit nuts....

I don't like the top button buttoned without neckwear, period. [:p]

If I undo only the top button, then my shirt seems somewhat fussy or nerdy with only that tiny opening. [V]

If I undo the top two buttons, then my collar tends to flap open just a bit too much, which might look dashing while sipping G&Ts in some beachside bar...but, in this case, makes me a little uncomfortable. [:0]

Whoever it was that decided on that precise top-button placement (it's similar in the vast majority of my shirts from all different makers and countries) deserves a sound thrashing!
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