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The Navy-Navy Quandry

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The Navy-Navy Quandary

Anyone else have this problem:

Basically, when attempting to match two items together (usually a Navy blazer with a tie that contains a Navy stripe, or to a lesser extent socks with trousers), the dye lots are off by just enough to make the two seem to clash rather than compliment. I suppose this happens with any two shades that are similar but not quite the same, but it's particularly problematic with Navy, which is such a wardrobe staple. Maybe that's why I haven't had much of an issue with variations of charcoal gray- I don't own many gray ties.
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I wear navy ties with navy blazer all the time. Great look. As others have mentioned they are not supposed to match. I don't think that the clash either.
I agree. I wear navy blazers with ties of dark blue/navy background all the time, too.
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