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...and sports coats!

One of the most underrated, versatile colours for a jacket and trousers. It's a really easy colour to work with.

I love earthy colours so I've found it to be a natural fit in my wardrobe.

Suit trousers Smile Outerwear Photograph Picture frame

Suit trousers Trousers Tie Dress shirt Sleeve

Outerwear Shirt Dress shirt Tie Jaw

Flash photography Bedrock Wood People in nature Suit

Clothing Trousers Outerwear Photograph Dress shirt

Most of these images were taken from Die, Workwear!, and Permanent Style.

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I like the deeper greens, but that's just leading me back to tweed. For some reason, it still strikes me as a cold weather color, perhaps because of my affinity for tweed. The green seersucker I can't get my head around.

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That is far and away the finest seersucker I've ever seen. The usual stripes seem so regional to me (and I don't live in that region) but the solid is universal and utterly smashing.
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