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I'm have been researching the various options mentioned here and "there". I have posted about some of the options I'm considering. I decided to order a dress shirt from Ben Silver.

I'm finicky about shirts. Some broadcloth looks thin and papery even though I hate thick, hot material. I do not like white shirts so much, but most blues don't look quite formal enough. I love a fine pinpoint, but I won't wear it with a suit. Oh and I hate spread colors, won't wear a BD with a coat and won't wear a point without one. With all of these issues and probably many more brewing in my psyche I ordered the Classic Blue Twill Shirt in 120s twill with a straight collar (251) for $155.

It arrived early this week and I'm very happy. The twill is minimal, not raised, but still has a nice soft and substantial look and feel nearing pinpoint, but obviously not. The light blue is a perfect subdued yet bright shade, perfectly balanced. The construction is up-to-par or above. My 16x36 fit as it should and the shoulder pleats lay flat and don't pull open like LE 16x36 100s broadcloth does and why I had given up on them for the box pleat.

I still feel a little funny about wearing a $155 shirt, but I think I can get over it. While it's expensive, from looking around at the options I think it's worth it.

The Wife said, I looked like a million bucks in it which helped when she saw the invoice ;)

Should I be wearing a $155 shirt with a $375 Oritsky separates suit and $255 AE shoes? It just seems like an odd extravagance considering the price range of the rest of my clothes which are still upgraded from LE ($200 suits, $95 shoes, $50 shirts and ties out of the LE overstocks ~$25).

Is there a good guideline for balancing these out? I know there are guidelines on what you should pay for a mortgage, a car, or an engagement ring based on salary. How many days salary should I be wearing head-to-toe at one time? And how should I spread them out. IE not wearing $500 shoes and a $10 shirt :D

I'm just looking for a comfort level. Thanks.
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