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The Death of Clothing

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Interesting, albeit depressing Bloomberg article.

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Can recall a similar scenario some years ago before I retired. Invited to a club by a member for lunch along with a colleague . The club having a dress code would at times allow non members to dine. As we sat, two gentlemen walked in to dine very casually dressed, jacket less, tee shirts and casual trousers. Our host immediately called over the Maitre De and directed him to refuse seating the pair. It wasn't so long ago that at many fine restaurants had a dress code, alas such may not be the case any longer.
I know of only one within driving distance from home and I book early.
No snob am I, very far from it but I will not succumb to what some millennials wish to dictate to pass for decent dress.
The issue of dress codes and appropriate attire aside, that move by your host would have turned me off in a big way. Did he think that show of power would impress his two guests, or was he that bothered by the offending parties' dress that he couldn't help but ask the attendant to intervene, despite the impression the move might create with his guests?
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Mmmmm....If I were teaching a course in Persuasive Argumentation, I'd say you might want to come up with a different analogy. I can see problems with this one right off the bat.
I agree. In addition to scratching my head over the analogy....really, the entire post....I'm left trying to figure out how my post, a politely albeit candidly stated opinion about the actions of the "host", invited such aggressive vitriol and name-calling. For someone closing in on 80 years old, that response reflects a stunning display of immaturity, in my opinion. Can anyone explain to me how and why my post was inappropriate in any way? I mean, Charles Dana even "liked" it, and he's got to be the most diplomatic, reasonable, and even-keeled gentleman on this forum. Right?
Please excuse me while I go downtown in search of a low bar.
If I wasn't so effete and sanctimonious, I would meet you there for a couple of cold ones.
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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