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The Death of Clothing

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Interesting, albeit depressing Bloomberg article.

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So, you wouldn't be offended if someone driving a jalopy blows through a stop sign /red light traffic control because he didn't think the rules apply to him and he T-bones your Bentley.
Mmmmm....If I were teaching a course in Persuasive Argumentation, I'd say you might want to come up with a different analogy. I can see problems with this one right off the bat.
^ Yeah, if I really, really cared that another patron in a country club dining room was flouting the dress code (and it's not necessarily bad to really, really care about such a thing in that setting), maybe-maybe-I'd have a small chat with the restaurant manager after my meal: I'd ask him/her how come the dress code wasn't being enforced. [Correction: If I were a longstanding member of the club, I'd probably have the chat.] But that's all-a chat. I wouldn't interrupt my meal so that I could arrange for the under-dressed diner to be ejected from the room. That would be going a little too far.

Now if that person were to crash his jalopy into my table, thereby knocking my Shrimp Louis into the lap of my new linen trousers from Ben Silver....
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Can anyone explain to me how and why my post was inappropriate in any way?
Nah, it was fine--just honest and understandable intellectual curiosity.

I mean, Charles Dana even "liked" it, and he's got to be the most diplomatic, reasonable, and even-keeled gentleman on this forum. Right?
Well thank you! But ohh--talk about setting high expectations! That's a pretty high bar I have to keep meeting. Please excuse me while I go downtown in search of a low bar.
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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