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The Custom Shop Sale

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Hello all,

The Custom Shop is currently having a 2 for $199 sale as listed on their website:

I was considering the offer, but I just wanted to run it by some of the members of this forum (since I've learned so much from you guys - thank you!). Has anyone had any experience with "The Custom Shop" shirts, and is there a better option in the Washington DC area for custom shirts at a similar price point? I would appreciate any insight or advice you guys could offer. Thanks.
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I had good luck with The Custom Shop for a few years before they went out of business. I thought they had an interesting selection of fabrics and reasonable prices. I still have a few of their shirts, but, alas, the collar no longer fits.

After they went out of business it sems their name and customer list were bought by a suit maker. The current offering of cloth seems uninspired to me and I prefer to get MTM shirts from a brick and mortar store. I can match their prices buying MTM from a local merchant according to the prices I have seen on their web page.

Sorry, I can not be of more help, Jim.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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