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The bad old good old days

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We hear a lot on these forums about the decline in mens' dressing in the last 40 years or so.

But it occurs to me, looking at old family photos and studying old documentary films and books, that 'good dressing' in the sense we know it was not widespread.

Consider that the large majority of men were in manual labour, so wore overalls etc most of the time.

Non manual workers who wore jacket and tie often had ill fitting, creased jackets and shapeless baggy trousers, frayed shirts and grubby ties tied into tiny pea size knots, flapping collars, badly made hand knitted pullovers, pens in the top pocket, ink stains, thick specs, and hair plastered down into a variety of unflattering styles including combovers.

So we need to remember that not everybody dressed like Cary Grant or the Duke of Windsor in the 'good old days'!

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