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For some reason I didn't discover that these even exist until the past few days. Apparently they've been around at least a few years but I've never seen them discussed here. If this is old news to a lot of you I apologize.

Here's a link to an article from Forbes from 2017 about the "toweling blazer."
Meet The Toweling Blazer: The Coolest Piece Of Fashion You Will Ever Own (

The article talks about the inventor Marko Andrus trying to imagine what the Great Gatsby would wear poolside. I know the company mentioned is not the only source for terry cloth blazers but he apparently gave birth to the whole idea. Did these ever catch on? Were they a trend that has died off already? I've never heard of these before as mentioned.

It seems to me they are at least partly inspired by rowing/regatta blazers, but not outright copying any club's exact look. I have to admit, I'm a little intrigued. I don't think I'd ever wear one poolside (if I'm ever "poolside" again) but as a semi-smart casual jacket I could see a place for one of these in my wardrobe. Here are some examples.

So to cut to the point: Would you wear a toweling blazer?



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