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Terence Stamp

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No he's not dead. And may never be, this is an homage. And not in the Geezer thread because I find the term geezer to be derogatory and offensive. (And the Oxford dictionary agrees.)

This thread is about an 84 year old man. But he wasn't always 84. Pictures from other ages will occur here at a random pace. Stamp is a favored person, as is his clothing.

Suit trousers Temple Sleeve Black-and-white Style

Hat Coat Sleeve Overcoat Standing be continued.
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I loved the Limey. Stamp is up there with Bob Hoskins in my mind.
Yes, and while I have the idea that Stamp has many mirrors in his house, Hoskins probably had none. He passed eight years ago. Jessica Rabbbit sent flowers
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Stamp was nominated for an Oscar for his first film, a true gem, Billy Budd, in 1962. The film was in B&W, I saw it first run in a Times Sq. grind house (the perv rows way, way behind me). The pic below may have been colorized. He was 24. (The Rowenta was locked in Captain Veer's cabin.)
Flash photography Jaw Gesture Happy Sky
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"Geezer" derogatory? Oh hell, my pals and I use it all the time, and we're mostly in our late 70s or early 80s. We consider it a fun, lighthearted term. People have no sense of humor anymore!
Bull sh**.
Please post a pic of you and those pals and I will determine the appropriate name for how you all look and you will not like it but I will use it anyway because when I grow up I wanna be just like you. This thread was created by me and is about Terence Stamp. Pay attention.
I like you. Drinks, next time you're in town.
...wanted to mention another term I've begun to hear recently, which is Boomer. As you are probably aware, it is supposed to refer to baby boomers, ie.those born in a period of ~10-12years post WWII.
... and those born just before that, as my brother and I in '42 and '45, are known as War Babies. (As those born during the Trump years will be known as Hell Babies.). Meanwhile, back to the actual purpose of why I started this thread...
Head Sleeve Art Tints and shades Vintage clothing

Forehead Hair Outerwear Beard Human

Organism Font Poster Science Humour

Forehead Nose Chin Eyebrow Facial expression
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I didn't read much of that, sorry. Not the sort of response to a toss off line. Tell me it wasn't funny, tell me to get f***ked, but please don't get all wrinkled-brow serious with me over something that was very unserious, and you know it.
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