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Terence Stamp

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No he's not dead. And may never be, this is an homage. And not in the Geezer thread because I find the term geezer to be derogatory and offensive. (And the Oxford dictionary agrees.)

This thread is about an 84 year old man. But he wasn't always 84. Pictures from other ages will occur here at a random pace. Stamp is a favored person, as is his clothing.

Suit trousers Temple Sleeve Black-and-white Style

Hat Coat Sleeve Overcoat Standing be continued.
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I didn't read much of that, sorry. Not the sort of response to a toss off line. Tell me it wasn't funny, tell me to get f***ked, but please don't get all wrinkled-brow serious with me over something that was very unserious, and you know it.
What kind of person takes offense at innocuous words then feels free to disparage others at will?

We all know.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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