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Tall Valet

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This simple valet modification allows airing out one day's jacket, tie, and trousers while figuring out the next's without taking additional floor space with a second piece of furniture.

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The main technical problem was how to hang trousers without brace buttons to view for the next day. One answer is clip on suspenders.

The ones airing out without brace buttons may also be hung with a trouser hanger with clips.

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Yes, a coat rack of the right height may have worked as well, but I wanted to use the valet.
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Is there a Winhes2 Valet Project in our future?
Is there a Winhes2 Valet Project in our future?
There is room for improvement on this one by adding plates to strengthen the main joint and something on each side of the upper hole for a little more width at its narrowest edges.

Many members will have valets designed differently than the simple one I used, but if they would like to eyeball possible ensembles at hull height without taking more floor space, they may consider modifying their valets. Posting photos here would help us all get new ideas for improving ours.

Maybe a woodworking member could make something really nice from scratch unconstrained by a starting valet.
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