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Tailor's Convention

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I had the great pleasure of attending the 2005 Custom Tailors and Designers Association of America convention in Las Vegas last week. It was at the kind invitation of Leonard Logsdail, famous New York City tailor!

I have never attended a cocktail party (or other function) in a room where every gentleman's suit jacket fitted so perfectly!! It was a rare sight! It was nice to see men in suits and ties for three days!

I got to meet several outstanding tailors and suppliers and listen to the keynote address from William Kissell, fashion editor of the Robb Report. Kissell said the trend was away from very high S fabrics to more substantial, hard wearing, and long lasting fabrics including Harris Tweed!

There was a fashion show one evening as tailor members displayed their designs and handiwork. I was especially impressed by the work of Manuel Martinez of Baton Rouge, LA and Alberto Lazcano of Houston, TX. Although he didn’t have an entry in the fashion show, Robert Wilson of Fontana, CA wore some great clothes!

Leonard Logsdail had the distinction of presenting the Men’s National Research Garment for the group. He made a “poacher’s jacket†which was similar in details to the Norfolk jacket. Very well done with a fabulous tweed fabric.

Enjoyed talking to Bruce Zuckerman of the new, improved The Custom Shop Clothiers, and the suppliers including William Tighe of Southwick, Blanche Houseknecht of HMS (great cuff links! plus everything else), Catherine Uy of Jodek International (fabrics), and Steve Grossman of Loro Piana.

Thank you Leonard, I had a great time.

I’ll have some detailed information and maybe some photos in the very near future.

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