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just got this Southwick x Todd Snyder jacket in the mail via eBay and noticed something quite strange.

the tag in the left pocket clearly states "44R", yet the tag inside the right pocket labels it a "46R".

have you ever seen anything like this? seems quite strange.

also, can anyone tell me if this fits decently OTR? i have an event this Saturday that i'd like to wear this to. it seems slightly large across the chest, but nothing i couldn't live with. just want to make sure it's not laughably large.



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Looking sharp! Just steam it and you're good. I don't see any drastic tailoring required (but can't see how dress shirt sleeves would look).

When I was working part-time for a clothing store, we got a bunch of large shirts marked "small". Someone just figured the factory ran out of the correct label, but finished them off anyway!
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