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Synthetic stretch dress shirts

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So I found a company that makes great dress shirts for athletes that fit almost perfectly right off the rack. But the material composition of their shirts is 62% Nylon, 32% polyester, and 6% spandex and I've read that people on this forum really dislike synthetics. Why is that? It stretches well in the bicep , fits great in the shoulders, drapes well, and feels decent, so it solves most of my problems. I understand that bacteria can easily grow on synthetics causing it to smell but is there another material composition that stretches that is better than the synthetic material in this shirt? Would any plant based fabrics be any better? The shirt was $90 which I thought was expensive for a synthetic dress shirt.
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Have to chime in here.

I've lifted for years (and years...) and have a 10 inch drop. The only solution, for off the rack, I've found to this fit problem is to be sure the chest and shoulders fit, then have the tailor fit the rest.

This can still be a problem, however, with the neck size, depending upon the shirt.
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