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I think the there are two main 'objections' to synthetics for dresswear (shirts in particular). First is the argument that they don't 'breathe' like cotton, which I would redefine in this day and age, given the advances in textiles and the earlier-mentioned comments regarding activewear, that synthetics breathe differently than cotton, and for some/many that difference is uncomfortable. Second is, no surprise, tradition, and in this case synthetics are really the next step away from 100% cotton, with non-iron being the go-between. It's my prediction as tech advances that we'll see the transition to better, more, and ultimately cheaper synthetics that breathe well and are wrinkle-free. Critics (I may be one of them) will pine for a time where the wrinkled shirt at the end of the day is a sign of hard work. The younger in the audience will move on, more quickly adopting the enhanced fit options and wrinkle-free care. But hey, that's how some will define progress.
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