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I'm certain this has been discussed, but since the "search" function is non-functional and I haven't found it yet...

I'm traveling to Sydney in a couple of weeks for a much-needed vacation.

In terms of AskAndy tips -- what clothing is there to see, buy, etc.? I would assume the bespoke is no better or cheaper than the US, is this correct?

Also, I assume R.M. Williams in AU is just about the same as the US, but I could be wrong. Are they a lower price and a higher quality (I hope)? Any other local wares I should have a look at? I'd like to find Aussie stuff, rather than anything imported of course. Some of my favorite clothes are unique things bought while traveling.

Also I take it Sydney is a pretty casual town. Is there a need to pack a formal suit and tie, or can I go with decent pants and a shirt the whole time I am there?

Finally, any tips on out of the way restaurants, neighborhoods, etc.? I'm just looking to enjoy myself and relax a bit, even though it's mid-winter there. Thanks in advance to everyone!
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