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Sweaters and Suits/Blazers

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I was wondering what the rules are for wearing a sweater with a suit or blazer.

1. Can you wear a sweater under a suit? I'm inclined to say no, but I wanted to check.

2. I'm guessing its okay to wear a sweater under a blazer or sport coat, but I wanted to check. Also, is it okay if the sweater has a collar.

As an example, here is a sweater I have.

Thanks for the help.
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How cold was it?

If you need more warmth than a suit jacket provides and less than an overcoat, a sweater vest with V-neck works well. Your tie will show, and you can take it off easily when it gets too warm.

I would stay away from full sweaters with suits, blazers, and the thinner sports coats, as there is too much material around the arms and shoulders to maintain the tailored look. However, with heavier sports coats, a full sweater can look very manly, and you can get away with collars, including turtlenecks. The basic problem is one of fit, however, and the jacket has to be roomy enough for the bulk of the sweater to fit in there with you and not create the overall effect of an overstuffed duffle.
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