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Sweaters and Suits/Blazers

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I was wondering what the rules are for wearing a sweater with a suit or blazer.

1. Can you wear a sweater under a suit? I'm inclined to say no, but I wanted to check.

2. I'm guessing its okay to wear a sweater under a blazer or sport coat, but I wanted to check. Also, is it okay if the sweater has a collar.

As an example, here is a sweater I have.

Thanks for the help.
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I have no idea what the "rules" are, but I don't wear sweaters with either suits or blazers. It's just a personal preference, nothing more; unless of course I find that there is a rule against it. Then I guess I can say that I'm abiding by the rule. :icon_smile:

Sport coats, particularly tweed and corduroy, are a different matter entirely. I often wear both v-neck and crew neck sweaters with these jackets, more often than not as casual wear without a tie. While I will sometimes wear a sweater with a tie, I don't wear a tie that often either with or without a sweater so this is rare.


I might wear a sweater with a blazer or sports coat, but without a tie. I don't think sweaters look good with suits.
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