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I have a multitude of cashmere sweaters and a few marino.....

First of all, I store them in zippered sweater bags. I always keep a few moth preventive packets (2 to 3 packets) in the bags. These packets come in a variety scents so no mothball odor is ever apparent. Cedar blocks don't work too well unless you take the time to sand them frequently.

I wash my sweaters in cold water with a cold water detergent such as woolite. I turn the sweaters inside out prior to washing. Next, I put them in the dryer on the no heat, air only setting for one cycle. Then I dry them stretched and flat. After dryning, I iron the sweaters on continuous steam(T-Fal iron). This compresses the fibers back into their original textures.

As far as lint, I have never had lint on a sweater. I suspect you are washing or steaming
them with some kind of cotton with which they shouldn't be mixed. I would look for how the lint is getting on a woolen or cashmere sweater. Somehow you are mixing your sweaters with cotton material.
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