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Hi folks,

I bought this pair of shoes on eBay, and I'm confused about them. Namely, I can't tell how good quality they are.

They are "Sutoris," which the vendor said is by Mantellassi, but I haven't been able to find any information to that effect online, and there are no markings inside other than the name. I suspect they're vintage, but I'm not sure.
  • The Blake channel stitching looks to me to be well done
  • The heels are stacked leather
  • The leather lining feels the nicest of any of my modest collection of shoes (all Italian, also Blake or Blake/Rapid stitched, mostly Santoni FAMs and Premiata).
But some of the details seem poorly done.

The stitching on the uppers and the holes for the buckles are uneven and the leather above the arch is slightly wavy.

Also, I don't have any corrected-grain shoes, or black shoes, so I'm not certain, but I think they're corrected grain: they both polish and mark much more easily than any of my other shoes, the leather is quite stiff, and there's already some suspicious creasing on the vamps even though they've only been tried on.

I'd like to decide whether to keep them, and I'd appreciate your thoughts. I don't really need black shoes, but I thought I should have one pair in case the need arises. Nonetheless, I'd prefer to get something else than keep a pair of shoes that will crack after a few wears.

I've learned a tremendous amount from this forum, and I thank you all for sharing your collective knowledge.


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I've never heard of Sutoris and the sole patterns are not like any Mantellassi shoes I've ever seen, so I think it's unlikely that these are Sutor Mantellassi shoes. In addition, Mantellassi have very good craftsmanship. The less than perfect issues you noted are not issues you'd find on a pair of Mantellassis. However, as long as you didn't pay a huge amount and you like them well enough, carry on.

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@Dandan - I did a little forensic searching and found some information that may be helpful.

I found a question about the Sutoris shoes dating back to 2010, so at least we know that you're not alone in wondering what the origins of this brand of shoes is.

Then, I came across the domain (, which when visited, now redirects to the shoes website. The information there implies it's been around since 1930.

I then came across what looks to be a history of Ortigni story (here). It's written in Italian, however, I've used Google Translate to make it easier for those of us who can't speak/read Italian. See the mention of the Sutoris brand being launched in 1991.

Looks like you might possibly have a vintage pair of shoes?

Ortigni: Handmade since 1930

Ortigni simply makes your shoes. As was the case in ancient craft shops, customers choose how to create their own footwear based on personal needs. All the models presented by our company can be customized in the material, color and structure of the sole.

The expert manual skills and the deep-rooted knowledge of the different processing techniques are the essential elements that enhance the quality of a shoe that is unique in its kind.

The Ortigni brothers, Fabio, Stefano and Barbara, still continue, after three years, the ancient craft handed down by their family and with the same edition. In 1991 the company "Sutoris" was born, whose name takes up the Latin term meaning shoemaker. After their father's experience, the three brothers chose to go back to the trend, continuing the road of craftsmanship on the product to create a superior quality shoe.

The history of these artisan shoemakers is impressive in that image printed on the box that contains all the shoes; it is the portrait of a memory, of when Paolo, the grandfather of the Ortigni brothers, and Allegro, the father, worked together. They were in Lamporecchio, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, right where the factory's headquarters in Via Poggio alla Cavalla still remain today.
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