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Suspenders Under Sweater

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I've been thinking about buying a pair of suspenders to wear underneath my sweaters, as I've been having trouble keeping my trousers up despite their being tailored/in my waist size (28). Where would be a good place to look? Should I be looking at specific material for the suspenders to protect my sweaters from snagging/chafing? I've found a couple options online, but they mostly used metal clips that I think would damage my trousers, which in fact come with suspender buttons.

As an aside, have any of you gentlemen ever found having a thin waist to be (at least) a minor annoyance? I'm by no means sickly, am of above average height and build, and swim often... Perhaps this is a problem that fixes itself with age?

Thank you for your input.
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I'm ready to put buttons in all my flannels. chinos too.
I really hope this is a (bad) joke. Braces with chinos? Unless part of a costume or work uniform of some kind, that's an awful idea.
Here we go again, down the path of sartorial relativism. No truths, no absolutes, if it feels good baby do it.....

Its working great for our society, right? :fool:​
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