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Suspenders Under Sweater

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I've been thinking about buying a pair of suspenders to wear underneath my sweaters, as I've been having trouble keeping my trousers up despite their being tailored/in my waist size (28). Where would be a good place to look? Should I be looking at specific material for the suspenders to protect my sweaters from snagging/chafing? I've found a couple options online, but they mostly used metal clips that I think would damage my trousers, which in fact come with suspender buttons.

As an aside, have any of you gentlemen ever found having a thin waist to be (at least) a minor annoyance? I'm by no means sickly, am of above average height and build, and swim often... Perhaps this is a problem that fixes itself with age?

Thank you for your input.
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I really hope this is a (bad) joke. Braces with chinos? Unless part of a costume or work uniform of some kind, that's an awful idea.
I wear chinos with a sport coat often and if I'm wearing a jacket, I'm probably wearing braces as it's so much more comfortable to wear and I never have to tug my pants up. If there is no jacket or I think I will be taking it off then I will wear a belt with chinos or wool pants.
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