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Suspenders Under Sweater

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I've been thinking about buying a pair of suspenders to wear underneath my sweaters, as I've been having trouble keeping my trousers up despite their being tailored/in my waist size (28). Where would be a good place to look? Should I be looking at specific material for the suspenders to protect my sweaters from snagging/chafing? I've found a couple options online, but they mostly used metal clips that I think would damage my trousers, which in fact come with suspender buttons.

As an aside, have any of you gentlemen ever found having a thin waist to be (at least) a minor annoyance? I'm by no means sickly, am of above average height and build, and swim often... Perhaps this is a problem that fixes itself with age?

Thank you for your input.
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Suspenders are great no matter what your build is. And they will be just fine under a sweater. As to where to look? I've found any number of good pairs on eBay.
Since losing weight, I have found a thin or flat waist to be a benefit to keeping trousers up. When one’s belly is larger than their hips, the trousers respond to gravity and slide down. With the belly smaller than the hips, a belt is actually just a decoration, as the hips will keep the waistband above them.

Therefore I conclude your problem may be that you are wearing low rise trousers that are sitting on your hips as opposed to above them. A mid or high rise trouser will not only look better, but fit you better.
In reply to momsdoc:

All my trousers are in fact of mid to high rise, other than my jeans which I find are more difficult to find in higher rise. I do, however, have a tendency to pull my trousers upwards--perhaps they do indeed fit properly but I feel a need to pull them above my navel.
Some guys the hip and waist measure are about the same no matter how thin. Suspenders they need.

Because of the way some guys stand they are pulling the front of their trousers up. Need a different cut.
I've found with any RTW trousers that fit me well throughout the natural waist will always still benefit from braces. The one thing a belt does not do is balance out your creases front and back and allow the belt to sit level, front or back will always slope; being able to adjust your braces to pull up on either side makes for a much nicer look. I have a small waist as well, typically around a 29-30" depending on the manufacturer and no extra weight in my mid-section. Even being thin my trousers do have a tendency to slope forward from my rear, so it will throw off the front crease. Only braces will fix this. I wear mine under sweaters regularly, no issues with snagging.
I'm ready to put buttons in all my flannels. chinos too.
I'm ready to put buttons in all my flannels. chinos too.
I really hope this is a (bad) joke. Braces with chinos? Unless part of a costume or work uniform of some kind, that's an awful idea.
Flannels, yes. Chinos? I don't know that the idea is awful but it is a bit odd.
Other than suspenders, there are a couple other products that can help hold your pants up.

I'm not suggesting they are the greatest solutions, but they are alternatives to traditional suspenders.
Nothing wrong with braces and Chino. It has to be done in a way that looks good, as everything else, too.
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And that can be the hardest part.
And people have different opinions of what looks good.
Here we go again, down the path of sartorial relativism. No truths, no absolutes, if it feels good baby do it.....

Its working great for our society, right? :fool:​
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You want society to be more military?
I prefer crazy freedom (to an extent).
There's something to be said for it. I rather enjoyed my years in the military.
If they would have allowed me to do so, I would have continued until I "shuffled off this mortal coil!" At least we can still look forward to our monthly trips to Patrick AFB. ;)
I really hope this is a (bad) joke. Braces with chinos? Unless part of a costume or work uniform of some kind, that's an awful idea.
I wear chinos with a sport coat often and if I'm wearing a jacket, I'm probably wearing braces as it's so much more comfortable to wear and I never have to tug my pants up. If there is no jacket or I think I will be taking it off then I will wear a belt with chinos or wool pants.
I don't even have a regular belt. When I told my tailor I didn't want belt loops on my chinos, he was against it. So I got belt loops to not cause any commotion in society. :) I got them with braces buttons still, though.
You need to remind your tailor that you are the one carrying the freight and that the final decision regarding the design details of your purchases are yours to make...not his! If he can't understand that, it is time to get another tailor.
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