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Suspenders (braces) and your back?

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I'm considering starting to wear braces with my RTW dress pants (I know you should have your pants custom made for this and all, but I'm just a 20 year old college student.). Anyway, I was wondering if braces are possibly harmful at all to your back and/or shoulders in the long run. Which are more "healthy," braces or belts?
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Yeah, Cruise definitely needs a smaller size. They may film him well and show him as being taller on posters, but he's only 5'7. I'm sure if the film is any good (which I'm hoping it is) then we'll let him go on that little issue. :)
I read that at first the German government was not going to allow him to use some of the historic sites in the filming of that movie because they objected to the religion (Scientology) that he promotes. I never heard why they changed their minds.

I am less than thrilled about any movie with Cruise because during the last year or so IMO he has made a bit of a jackass of himself, but maybe it will be a good movie.

That July 20th is the best known and probably the closest to successful plot to assassinate Hitler, but according to the history books there were others. There is some debate if success of that venture would have shortened or lengthened The War.
That is an urban myth. The real reason was that they felt the site would lose its dignity if used as a movie set. Bryan Singer and Tom Cruise apparently discussed it with them at length and convinced them otherwise.
You may very well be right, all I know is what I have read from the cable news networks.
What size braces would someone who is 6' get? I'm "full chested" but I still wear a 40R suit. I've measured with a tape from my waist to the middle of my back and it's about 44-45 inches. I think that puts me right on the edge between large and x-large.
If your back is healthy then I guess generations of wearers would indicate no problem.

However I have a prolapsed ("slipped") disk at the bottom of my neck and wearing braces gives me a whole lot of problems usually resulting in an early trip to the physiotherapist and half an hour on the rack (traction) I think it's something to do with the downward pressure on the clavicle causing a reaction in the neck or something.

Fortunately or unfortunately I only want / need to use braces with heavy tweed +4's whilst out shooting but that's a vicious circle as it's the weight and movement that causes the problem.

Best try them and find out, personally I find braces uncomfortable but then others prefer braces and a slacker waist band.
Well, obviously, I thought the comment was not fine. How do you know the OP can take it? It all starts with one misguided post, than there's a regular witch-fest (spelled with a B) happening in a thread.

If I see something like this I don't like, I will speak up again, regardless of anyone else's opinion, including yours, of the situation.

Well let me tell you, I don't like the chip on both your shoulders. You seem willing not only to provoke a reaction for yourself, but insist on doing it for others also.

Cary Grant's comment were fine and not misguided.

You should have stuck with one comment, instead of going on and on. You've caused me to lose interest in the thread topic with your blitherings.

I would have refrained from posting, but reading some of your earlier posts, you seem to have a regular "me first" sociopathic disease that prevents you from realizing that you're not a moderator here.

Happy new year.
Changing Business

I think, upon reading the comments here Im going to change my business

Not for me the retailing and supplying of Vintage Attire to Stylish Gentleman.. No, not any more

Im setting up a handbag stall!!!

Should be in high demand !!

Happy new Year!
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