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Sorry to say this, but I wore braces for a long time - until I found them so uncomfortable that I stopped. They made me feel constricted around my shoulders and they made my shirt ruck up which was uncomfortable (and yes - they were Thurstons). Adjusting them did not help. I actually went to my tailor and ensured that I was wearing them correctly - which I was.

Eventually, I thought 'why bother?'. Nowadays I wear self topped trousers, which work admirably, or a belt, which works well if the trousers fit properly. I certainly accept that braces provide a good look (although no better than the self top in my view), but they aren't so great as to be worth the hassle. Moreover, if you are relatively slim and sporty I think that a belt draws attention to the waist and provides a flattering look.

Brickbats now please...
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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