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Hey Everyone.....

Just a few more questions for members:

1. Does anyone know exactly what the difference between the Industry standard Super 150/180 and Zegna's 15 MilMil?

2. If I want to have a suit custom made, how would I go about doing this? Where can I buy the fabric? Can I assume that Kiton does not sell their fabric? Is there a fabric out there that is close to Kiton? Anyone recommend a tailor either in NYC or NJ?

3. I cut and paste the paragraph below from the following link. How do members feel about the comment below. Do you prefer your suits perfect fitting or drape?

Turns out Kiton suits are something special. At least that's what this profile of Murray Pearlstein, the proprietor of another high-end clothing store -- Louis Boston -- tells us:

"Kiton disproved everything that I had learned about clothing," [Pearlstein] says. The revelation? The clothes don't look "perfect"â€"they drape to follow the line of the body. "Look," he says, showing me a photograph of a Kiton tailor at work. "They use basting stitches to create fullness and mold the chest of the suit. The tailor crosses his legs and moves the cloth over his knee to put in the roundness." . . .

"Watch," he says, waving his arms to show how the Kiton suit gives. "Other hand-tailored suits look perfect. But to me perfect is when I look natural. I'm not following the suit, the suit's following me."

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