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Summer Dinner Jacket

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I just attended a formal event and there are suddenly a lot more white/off-white/ivory DJ being worn up here in the high country. I feel left out.
I'd assume SBPL one button with besom pockets is still a given, but how heavy a fabric and in what color? Given a couple of hours outside before sunset and summer temperatures is this one time a blend might be a blessing?
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I have worn a so called white dinner jacket....

every summer for more years than I like to count. A single-breasted peak lapel with grosgrain facing is my favorite. I prefer a light-weight worsted wool. The wool wil be in an off white because this is just the way this natural fabric comes. Many brilliant white jackets are made of polyester, which is definitely what you don't want. Linen advocates, such as Will, just dont' mind the wrinkles, but I do. On a recent 'Suitable Wardrobe posting, he admitted that when wearing a linen suit, it needed to be pressed once before the day was over. If you get linen, it won't last a night of dinining and dancing without looking like you slept in it. A shawl collar is just a personal preference. I prefer peak. but Bogart's shawl collar looked awfully good in 'Casablanca'.
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