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I am seeking advice about appropriate warm-weather business attire.

The issue of summer suitings has given these forums some length of discussion. From it, I have concluded the following:

i) Wool is a generally superior suiting material because of its shape retention, dirt repulsion, and moisture wicking properties. Further poplin, and especially linen, require more frequent maintanence than wool.
ii) New featherweight wool fabrics are equally cool or more so than poplin.
iii) Menswear, especially in business, is largely unchanged from the traditions of Britain, which does not see the same torrid weather as other regions, and so does not embrace readily embrace non-wool materials.

Now, I will be taking job interviews in New York this summer, and I would like to dress in appropriate business costume. While New York does not see the same absolutely sweltering weather as cities in the South, it does have its share of very hot days. Moreover, during New York travel much time is spent in the open air and in unventilated subway stations. In such situations, I would like to keep sweating and discomfort to a minimum without stepping outside proper business fashion.

I have a cream linen suit, but I hardly think its appropriate for business. I have considered both poplin and tropical wool. My above conclusions suggest that tropical wool is the better choice, but I am concerned that it will be vulnerable to moths, which do inhabit my house during summer. A tropical wool suit would be the natural choice if I can store it in my house and at the same time keep it safe from moths. I am not so fortunate to have a cedar-lined closet, and it is not possible to keep a suit in proper condition in a chest. I have considered keeping the suit in a garbage bag with small holes for ventalation with some cedar chips inside, but I am not sure whether this will work.

Therefore, my questions are:
1) Can I reliably keep a tropical wool suit safe from moths? Also,
2) To what extent is poplin a comfortable and appropriate summer suit material?

While, on the subject might I ask also:
a) In the past, gray and blue were the only business suit colors. To what extent is it now appropriate to wear, say, tan poplin as an individualistic and summer-casual accent to traditional dress?
b) What experiences do people have with the coolness linen/wool/silk sport jackets? And finally,
c) Is a summer jacket preferred to be fully-lined, partially-lined, or unlined?
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