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I recently read an article about Suite Silhouettes on styleforums, located at . "Manton" gave what to me is a relatively comprehensive beginners guide to different silhouettes. Obviously, if I could afford a Bespoke suit I wouldn't have this question as I assume a tailor would take me through this. However, as of now I would guess the best source for buying suites (and I expect I'll buy a few duds before I learn from that) would be ebay. That said, I was wondering if different measurements are impacted by the silhouette of the suite I choose. While my arms, chest, etc. may not change, should I be looking for different measurements based on the different silhouettes/suit makers I choose. For instance, lets say my measurements equate approximately to a 42 L (my actual measurements with a tailors measurer, by myself are chest 40 1/2 inches around (that would be without any breathing room), Sleeve 23 inches, Shoulders 17inches, waist 34 inches), what type of measurements would I want for a Brioni suite (which is supposedly more Roman/flattering) vs. an Oxxford suite? Would the measurements be different? How much space should I give in terms of my chest for a suit? Same question for my waste (obviously the pants should fit, but the waste on a suite is some number of inches different?) Am I correct in believing I'm a 42L? My current jacket (the one my father bought me) has a length from the top of the collar down of 33 1/2 inches, if that helps.

Also, if this information isn't enough and I should go to a tailor to get appropriate measurements for different suites. How would I approach said tailor, considering I'd be planning to buy from ebay? I have the tailors measurers (which are quite nifty), but I assume I'm not measuring myself perfectly.

Sorry for the number of questions. If I'm getting annoying feel free to tell me so.
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