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Suiting Advice

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I lost a fair amount of weight a while back and decided to reward myself with a few suits if I can maintain my weight and fitness for a year. That time has come and now I’m starting to consider my options. My old suits are a bit worn and don’t fit well anymore. I’d like to get three basic suits (navy blue, grey and maybe pinstripe), and I am looking at a budget of ~$500 per suit.
I work for a Gov agency in Seattle, and the dress code is business casual, but I was recently promoted to a position where I’ll be regularly traveling to DC to meet with executives and agency leadership, so business formal and conservative is expected.
My original thought was to wait for those rare Brooks Brothers 2 suits for $1000 sales, but then I thought I could probably get good advice of getting the best value/quality ratio here on the forums.
I’d appreciate any advice.
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If you know your size and fit shop for new BB suits on ebay. You can buy two and have more than enough left over for extensive tailoring if needed.
Nobody is counterfeiting BB suits.
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