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Suit sizing help

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Good evening, I apologize if this is not in the correct section of the forum, I am new here (hello by the way). I am looking at getting another suit, the problem is that I have been loosing weight (65 lbs down right now) and have about another 20 lbs to go. Obviously my suits no longer fit me, and I miss having them. Do you think if I got a suit now that fit, and then when I finished loosing weight got it tailored, would that work? Or will it be to much of a difference to get it tailored? It’s been a long road, and will be several months until I shed the last few pounds, and I am getting impatient. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks!
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I would buy any clothes for the size you are now or wait it out Can you wear a blazer in the meantime? They are usually at every thrift store. Sometimes we say we want to lose twenty pounds and it can take six months to a year or it is just does not happen at all. I know.
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