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I'm 6'2 weighing 350 pounds, with a roundish face, brown hair, blue eyes. I like to ask you for advice. What type of colors looks good on me and not look good.

My size is.
Neck: 20"
Sleeve Length: 36"
Chest:58" (I supposed to wear a 58 Portly Long)

BTW, why a big and tall guy like me should avoid plaid, windowpane, checks, tattersalls, and horizontal lines on suits/sportcoats/shirts/and slacks?

Another question. Which is the best reasonable price of a suit/sportcoat/shirt*/tie**/trousers*** for my budget? A.)$250-$700 [Prices of suits at Gentlemen's Choice in Greenwood, SC] B.)$700-$1,000 C.)$1,000-Up [Prices of suits at David Lindsay Clothiers]

*At Gentlemen's Choice in Greenwood, their prices of shirts start around $20-70, they carry Arrow, Enro, and they got now-defunct Hathaway shirts. And at David Lindsay Clothiers, they carry shirts from Robert Tallbott, Gitman Brothers, etetria and it cost around $65-$400.

**At Gentlemen's Choice, their neckties cost around $15-$60, their neckties are Zinetti (sorry about my spelling), Salem, Flying Scotsman, etc. At David Lindsay Clothiers, they carry neckties from Robert Talbott and Vineyard Vines, usally cost $60-$120.

***At Gentlemen's Choice, they carry trousers like Palm Beach, Hardwick, Sansabelt, and Cutter and Buck. They cost around $70-$300. At David Lindsay Clothiers, they have trousers from Samuelsohn, Bill's Kakkis, Oxxford, and Southwick. They cost around $500-$1,750.

Eventhough, I have a custom-made Samuelsohn suit (cost around $1,000), custom-made Robert Talbott shirt (cost around $100-$150), extra long Robert Talbott necktie (around $70-$100), and Cole Hann shoes on lawaway at David Lindsay Clothiers in Greenwood, SC.

Spencer H. Karter
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