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Hiya everyoone!
Bless im in a bit of a crisis here, well i like callin it that coz its important! lol. Well i have a prom to go to in early july and its our last get together and so i think i should dress up to best of my ability. I was planning to wear this:

Blazer= White
Shirt= Black
Tie= Gold
Trousers= Black
Shoes= Black

Im not so sure tho because iv never wore a suit before and i have to hire it and so i cant mess my choice up because it takes a while by post. So i have 1 chance bless me! I want to know what you guys think of my choice, if it will go together or not. You can completely rehash my choices and give your own that would be wonderful if u think u have better ideas, which u will have. Everythings welcome, i need all the help i can get and every1 seems to be really friendly so you knoow i should be fiine i think.

Iam of lightish brown complexion and the proms in the evening. I dunno if that helps but just thought id mention iit.

Thankyou guys for taking the time to read a lil students plea:), Look forward to hearing from all of you.

Faiyaz (17)
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