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Stretching the vamp is time consuming & difficult. I have had success in the past with full bodied shoe trees. I use a pair that compression fit the shoes I am working on, ie no spring.

I prefer shoe trees where the widest , fore-foot if you will, is split in two & allows me to use a form or spacer to adjust & achieve the width I need. I will keep increasing this width as allowed, while simultaneously laying dense cardboard flat on the insole to increase volume vertically.

If there is a removable insole in this shoe, take it out. As I am sure you have noticed with wear a foot conforms into the sole & thus increases volume over time. As this process happens the insole can later be added back into the equation.

I will also drill into appropriate solid body shoe trees to attach bunion stretchers in both the vamp & toe areas as needed.

No harm in using a shoe stretch solution as you go thru this process. I apply it internally with a sponge.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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