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So, I've recently come to the realization (with a little help from William Field Jr. in DC) that I have rather square shoulders. While I do like having square shoulders in general, ever since I've started caring more about fit of my clothes, I've noticed that it wreaks havoc with my shirt fit. The yoke never really settles properly the way I want them to, and hence when I put a jacket over it, it tends to create folds in the front where it's visible. Now, I am not quite prepared for bespoke shirts (soon...), but I want to know what I can do about this. So:

1. Are there some brands of shirts that are known for having more square shoulders than others? I recall reading Tyrwhitt as being more square, but it doesn't seem to be square enough.

2. Is it possible to get it tailored, much in the way I would shorten a suit collar? My guess is this is an expensive alteration for a shirt. But is it something that a tailor can do a good job on?

3. When you get MTM, do they take into account the squareness of the shoulders? I know that Jantzen does list that as one of the elements in their order form, but if I went to a brick and mortar MTM place, would they be able to accomodate for this?

Thanks for the help!
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