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Spotting fake RL Polos

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If you read my post in the Lacoste thread dealing with spotting fakes, you'd know that I'm attempting to capitalize on the polo/preppy trend. (Although I don't agree with the fact that it's a trend, but whatever, I'm willing to let people dress like me if I make a profit. =P) I had little luck finding _authentic_ wholesalers of Lacoste, so I thought about maybe selling Ralph Lauren polos. Now, I've never bought a polo shirt online, or from eBay, or any place that would potentially carry fakes so I'm not sure how to spot them.

Is there anyway to spot a fake RL polo without putting it on? I know an obvious way is to see where it's made (if it's made in some weird place, like China, then it's fake obviously) but I'm curious if there are any other methods for spotting them (specifically by looking at a picture.) I'd never knowingly wear fake merchandise, and I don't expect my customers to either so I'm trying to get enough research in to avoid laying down any cash on a large order of fake shirts.

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