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I don't own any sports jackets or blazers, but I thought at least one would be good to have for the casual occassions. What kind of things should I be considering when buying my first sports jacket?

Should it fit like a normal suit jacket? Or looser?

What are the classic colours or textures (checkered, twill, etc) ?

What about material? Should I go for wool (S100 ???), or do people use tweed or something similar?

What about pockets, buttons, lapels, etc? Same as with suits?

One more consideration is that generally speaking I find it very difficult to find suits off the rack that fit me well (tall & thin). Is there any point in having a sports coat made to measurements? Or is it more relaxed in terms of fit, when compared to the suit jacket that has very regulated forms of fit (length, sleeves, etc). I'd rather invest more in one well-fitting jacket than in several badly fitting jackets.

As you can see I'm really rather clueless on this topic. Help would be appreciated.


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