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Selling these because I got a size too small and would like to see these get some use rather than just sit in my closet unworn. I bought them about a month ago and wore each one about twice, I'd say. They're practically brand new.
S&M size 15.5/36, in Contemporary fit. I find contemporary to be a great moderately slim fit with good high armholes and really good collar roll. These have been washed and dried a couple times and thus have shrunk somewhat. Collar is now 15 on the money and the sleeve length is 35.5-35.75. I don't think the chest, waist, or length has shrunk much.
Three shirts, one in white, one in classic light blue, and one in light blue university stripe. I can send pics if required. No defects, stains, rips, tears, anything.
$60 TYD for all three.
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