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Since I routinely criticize Brooks, I'm pleased to be able to say something positive. While I realize it can accurately be viewed as, "things may not be as bad as I thought," fair is fair.

After looking for a moderately priced Shetland sweater vest in my size for awhile, I decided to try one of those with the oddly named colors. With the AAAC discount, it fit the bill.

Mine is Marzipan, and it's surprisingly tasty! It's a muted golden rod yellow with the heather effect often characteristic of knitted Shetland sweaters. I believe the wool comes from Scotland, which is very good, though the sweater is made in Hong Kong, which is a lot better than it might be.

It's pieced, but carefully made. The workmanship is surprisingly good.
I have another Shetland Fair Isle vest from Brooks from about 4 years ago that was actually made in Scotland in its entirety. The new vest is a snugger for its size, but adequate. I don't view the snugger fit positively, but I suspect some here will.

It doesn't have pockets, which would be nice, and only has five buttons, which is just OK. Interestingly, some colors have six. Perhaps indicating different manufacturers?

While this sweater doesn't have every attribute I'd prefer, it's a good value for its price, and a handsome and practical item of clothing for wear under my corduroy and tweed odd jackets.

Thanks, Brooks!

Item depicted at link below -
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