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I have lots of socks. (Though few with clocks!) Tend to lose track of many before they are worn out. The pleasure being that they eventually resurface to be reintroduced into the wardrobe.

Today I discovered a long lost pair from Aeropostal from 15 or 20 years ago. Not to offend any fans, but I've never thought much of the quality from this retailer. But the style available in some of their socks from that vintage could be marvelous. As well these are. Though cotton and anklets, they are a deep forest green and they have a diamond or arglye pattern on the side consisting of 3 maroon diamonds and 2 navy, all stacked together and conected by a geometric gray latice. (I'm sure there's a proper name for such a pattern, but I do not know it.)

Can't find socks this stylish today that I know of for any amount of money. Would love some similar versions made up in decent wool. The color ways were so much better then. Hope the world spins round one more time.
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