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Socks for shining shoes

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I use a dauber brush to apply polish to shoes, but I also like using old socks for polish applying and shining. My recent trouble is that my socks are not wearing out like they used to!!! :confused:

I don't know whether the socks have gotten better or I'm buying better socks. Anyway to solve the problem I just went to Marshall''s and got a package of 6 very inexpensive white anklet socks.
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I use standard Kiwi type polishes and often spit or add a small drop of water into the polishing tin to soften the polish. I then apply the polish using an old face flannel or other heavier cloth like a cut down towel using my index finger wrapped in the cloth. Depending on the shoe I will sometimes spit on the toe cap for that extra shine just before I add the polish so trapping the moisture under the polish.

I then start the polishing with a standard brush and finish off with a light cloth like a cotton tee shirt for a final buffing.

This is about the same routine I used when as a lad I did my dads shoes for him, I have tried to encourage my teenager to do the same for me, but it's a losing battle and I enjoy doing it myself, so don't try to hard to get him to do it, but he does at least know how it's done, so should carry on the same practice in years to come.

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