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Socks for shining shoes

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I use a dauber brush to apply polish to shoes, but I also like using old socks for polish applying and shining. My recent trouble is that my socks are not wearing out like they used to!!! :confused:

I don't know whether the socks have gotten better or I'm buying better socks. Anyway to solve the problem I just went to Marshall''s and got a package of 6 very inexpensive white anklet socks.
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I have an old OCBD that I use for shining.I use the pocket as an applicator,and then use a strip of cloth that I cut from the back to give it the final rub down.
The advantage that I find in using old socks over other types of cloth is that I can put my hand inside like a glove and it makes the process easier.

I can see where that would be helpful.I may try that next time I shine (once a month,or as necessary).
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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