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Socks for shining shoes

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I use a dauber brush to apply polish to shoes, but I also like using old socks for polish applying and shining. My recent trouble is that my socks are not wearing out like they used to!!! :confused:

I don't know whether the socks have gotten better or I'm buying better socks. Anyway to solve the problem I just went to Marshall''s and got a package of 6 very inexpensive white anklet socks.
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Do socks have to be 100% cotton to polish shoes? Or can any old socks do the trick? After how many polishes would you need to wash the sock to re polish?
Everyone wants to know these answers but im the one to ask.
I guess I'm slow today. Are you asking when you'd need to wash an old sock so that it could be used again for polishing? If so, I would say never! Why would you want to get polish on other garments? Just throw it away when you think it is no longer doing the job.
Oh but i reuse cloths after washing in the sink. But i was even wondering to myself is it neccesary for me to keep washing it out of habit after polishing a couple of times, even though it might not be neccesary.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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