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Socks for shining shoes

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I use a dauber brush to apply polish to shoes, but I also like using old socks for polish applying and shining. My recent trouble is that my socks are not wearing out like they used to!!! :confused:

I don't know whether the socks have gotten better or I'm buying better socks. Anyway to solve the problem I just went to Marshall''s and got a package of 6 very inexpensive white anklet socks.
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This thread is sacrilegious!

Socks should be cherished and, when their days are numbered, be given a proper funeral. Polishing cloths? Heretic!

Please send me 6 pair each of Marcoliani & Pantherella Socks. Color doesn't matter nor size. Heck they don't even have to match!! :icon_smile_big:
Where the sock is most advantageous is for applying Lexol or other brands of Cleaner and/or Conditioner. It's easy to put your hand in the sock, spray on the liquid and apply directly to the shoes.
Some people I know swear by pantyhose for shining shoes.
Yes, and not just Joe Namath! For the final buff there is nothing better than pantyhose. Some wrap them around a shoe shine brush.

I have a proposition for you, the sock elves/fairies regularly visit our house and make off with their favorite currency (one sock of multiple unmatched pairs), I could leave a note for them to pay you a visit.

I am sure they would be happy to visit warmer climates..

Solves both of our problems really!


Maybe we need a separate Forum just for sock trading on the Sock Market! :icon_smile:
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