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At those prices, one should go bespoke if they can. James Taylor & sons charge £300 for plain slippers and £375 to have a monogram or crest.
Sorry Toryboy but those aren't their prices for bespoke. True bespoke slippers from Taylor, Fosters, Cleverley etc etc cost upwards of £1400 inclusive of VAT. At those prices Taylor will simply be supplying you with made to order slippers made on a standard last and they will be made by either Broadland or Bowhill and Elliott.

It should also be mentioned that Shipton and Heneage, Crockett and Jones (the most outrageous prices of them all!), New and Lingwood, Hackett and Fosters slippers are all made by Bowhill and Elliott anyway. The Cleverley RTW slippers are made by Broadland.

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