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(Posted first in Trad, but this might be a better place (?))

I just picked up a pair of these captoe Oxfords for dancing (30s-40s style) in tan calfskin.

I had been looking for a good classic captoe with leather sole and rubber heel in a design that could easily pass for the era (which, let's face it, isn't that difficult given men's dress shoe style hasn't really changed all that much). Anyway, I would love to find others in different colors, designs, etc., at a similar or lower price point, but I'm not quite sure with all these entry-level vendors like Meermin, et al with which I should go.

These feel very comfortable and look right with all my vintage outfits. I'd love to find brogue ones, two-toned ones, different colors, etc. (leather sole and rubber heels are imperative, which is one reason why I can't buy more J&M- those offerings are limited.) Tips? Thanks!!!

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