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I don't recall seeing too many shoes with that seam pattern and a captoe. The Allen Edmonds Warren has a very similar seam pattern, except without the captoe or the square toe. A variation on the bicycle toe stitching is found on the Allen Edmonds Wendell, again without the captoe, but it is more square in shape. Johnston & Murphy has the Faulkner Moc Toe, which is probably even more similar.

If the bicycle stitching isn't that important to you, you can find plenty of bluchers in a captoe design from various shoemakers. AE has the Clifton and Perry. Cole Haan (a slight step better than Kenneth Cole in my opinion) has the Air Alessandro.

Maybe the closest match overall is the Johston & Murphy Dobson Captoe. It's not a shoe I like, but it does have those side seams and a captoe with a bit of a squarish look.
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