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I am in the planning stages of developing a retail business to sell bow ties (talk about a highly segmented market!) and I've been trying to scout quality silk mills that would take my design and color
combinations and weave a repp fabric for me (for striped ties).

My preference is a weaver in England (for quality as well as marketing purposes), but I haven't had much luck. I've found a couple in Italy and one in the States, but haven't completed my due diligence on them

Does anyone know of a source that would list silk weavers/mills for England? Or even names of the mills themselves?

One thing I haven't tried is to source mills in China. My first thought was to keep it traditional and stick strictly to England (or Italy as a second choice), but I'd be open to considering it. It's just a little bit harder because my frame of reference for Chinese textile companies is quite a bit smaller (they also tend to fly under the radar from what I've heard).

Thanks in advance for everyone's help. Any advice given would be much appreciated.
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