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Should I give up on Alden?

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I’m fond of Alden because I like they way they do shell cordovan and I find all their lasts that I have tried fit me comfortably true to size.

On the other hand, over the last few years I have had to return three or four pair ordered over the internet because of obvious defects. They were all drop shipped. The last pair I bought in December were shell plain toe bluchers, one of which after wearing has been revealed to uppers subtly but definitely misaligned (the flaps and eyelets just do not line up like they should and like they do on th other shoe).

I went to the only local store that seeks Alden and tried on a pair of calf captoe balls, and the leather was quite wrinkled near the eyelets on one of the shoes.

I now have a hankering for a pair of shell medallion toe balls.

Is it wishful thinking I could order a pair from the New York Aldn store that I would not have to send back? Is there anybody who might sell them who would look at them before shipping, instead of drop shipping?
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The ShoeMart carries Alden and having purchased at least 10 pair of Alden's from them, I have never been less than thrilled with the final result of doing business with them. LeatherSoul is another excellent vendor who carries Alden designs. ;)
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In the past I've purchased five or six pair(s) of Alden's special make-ups from them, but have not visited their site in the last year or so...I think it's been since I embarked on my latest Lucchese boot addiction. I haven't been able to afford any additional pair(s) of my beloved Alden's! LOL. However, I will pay a visit to the LeatherSoul site today. ;)
^^ "after two or more tries?"
I have never had to return a pair of new shoes to Alden (or even to the oft maligned in these parts dreaded) Allen Edmond's more than once to receive arguably perfect replacements. Both vendors stand righteously behind their products (read as: they make you happy or they refund your money). I may be a sap, but I really can't ask for much more than that! :(
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Alden told me they don't do special make up anymore because too few people bought it.
They do for their retail partners.
^^Agreed. They do not do single pair runs any more. However they do complete limited runs (not sure what the minimum number of pairs are) for their retail partners.
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